No.1″ Genkai Island Day Trip Plan . 玄界島 漁業体験と島内散策観光 Genkai Island fishing experience and sightseeing around the island「 玄界島日帰り体験プラン」

レジャープランKasane 第1弾「玄界島日帰り体験プラン」
Leisure Plan Kasane Genkai Island Day Trip Plan No1.
玄界島 漁業体験と島内散策観光
Genkai Island fishing experience and sightseeing around the island

Period: April-December2022.(every day except Saturday)
旅行代金: 12,800(大人おひとり様)
Travel price: 12,800 yen (1 adult)

From now on, I will introduce it in English.
What is Genkai Island?
Genkai Island, which belongs to Nishi-ku,
Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, is located 18 km from
Hakata Port and 35 minutes by boat. The circumference
of the island is about 4.4 km, which is a small island that
you can walk around in about an hour. It is also known
for its thriving fishing industry,
and is crowded with many anglers on weekends.
There is a legend of Yuriwaka, the minister of the Heian period,
which appears in Japanese folk tales, and there are also tourist spots
such as the Kotaka Shrine, which dedicated the hawks who were
active at that time.
There is also a beautiful reef landscape around the island, which
offers spectacular views.
Tour points
Fishing experience that adults and children can enjoy
Because they are blessed with fresh marine products
Has contributed to Fukuoka’s food culture since
ancient times Genkai Island fishing industry.
In the fishing experience on board a local fisherman’s
It is a fun tour to experience drawing a net.

Sue He’s a fish I’ve seen in Par, I’ve heard the name but
I’ve never seen it Let’s enjoy learning while having a
gentle fisherman teach us about fish.

Yuriwaka Minister Legendary Island
During the Heian period, a military commander named
“Yuriwaka”from Kyushu and Bungo province returned
from the expedition.
He was betrayed by his subordinate “Beppu Brothers”
and left behind on Genkai Island.
Yuriwaka was named “Kasugahime”, his wife in his
hometown, by the beloved Hawk”Midorimaru” that
he had at that time.
While keeping in touch, I lived on Genkai Island, which
was an uninhabited island.
After three years, Yuriwaka, who grabbed Iki’s ship and
returned safely,
He took revenge on the Beppu brothers who had stolen
his credit and lived happily with his wife.


A luxurious seafood course is available for lunch.
After the experience, we used fresh seafood at the island’s
only restaurant “Fukugen Maru”.
Please enjoy the course meal.
It is also popular because you can taste many kinds
of fresh fish.



Strolling sightseeing with a guide
After lunch, we will guide you to a walk around the island.
Familiar with the local area, such as the history and industry
of the island and
the legend of the Yuriwaka legend A veteran guide
will guide you while explaining it in a funny and funny way.

出発日:4 月~12 月(土曜日を除く毎日出発)
旅行代金:12,800 円
<Tour outline>
Genkai Island fishing experience andisland walk (day tour)
Departure date: April-December
(every day except Saturday) Travel price: 12,800 yen
(500 yen discount for elementary school students)
Minimum number of participants: 4 people
(maximum 8 people)
■ Meal: Lunch once
■ Guide: Our designated guide will accompany you
  from departure from Hakata Port to return to Hakata Port.
■ Transportation: Fukuoka Municipal Ferry
■ Included in the travel price: Round-trip boarding ticket,
   fishing experience,
   lunch fee, guide fee
■ Fishing experience implementation: Fukugen Maru.
* Subject to change depending on weather conditions.
The official time will be announced the day before.
Day trip schedule
Hakata Port Hakata Wharf Terminal 1 Meeting(06: 55-08: 35)
Hakata Port (departing from 07:10 to 08:50) 🚢
Genkai Island (arriving from 07:45 to 09:25)
…Fishing experience (about 60 minutes) … Lunch …
Walking around the island with a guide (about 90 minutes) 
…Free walk…Genkai Island (Departure at 14:30) 🚢
Hakata Port(Arrive at 15:05)
(Please be sure to read before making a reservation)
* After confirming the weather conditions, the official
eventwill be decided after 15:00 the day before.
Please let us know the phone number you will be
contacted at the time of booking.
* Depending on the weather conditions, the departure
time of Hakata Port departs at 07:10.
* Meeting 06:55) may be held.
If the hotel or taxi arrangements for the previous night
occur as a result, It will be borne by the customer.
We can help you with your arrangements here.
■ About reservation
* Please contact us by phone at least 7 days in advance.
* The fishing experience may be full.
Please let us know the date and time of your third choice
when making inquiries.
* Customers arriving from afar can arrange a hotel for
the night before at an additional charge.
Guidance until departure
* After making a reservation, please come to the store
or transfer by the due date to complete the payment
Please submit the application form. After that,
we will give you a guide.
* After 15:00 on the day before departure, we will inform
 the representative customers whether or not the event
will be held officially.
We will inform you of the meeting time.
* If the tour is not held due to weather conditions,
the second choice and the third choice
We will propose by date and time.
In case of cancellation, we will refund you.
* A guide will be waiting for you at the meeting place,
Hakata Port on the day of the event.
Please gather on time.
* Please bring comfortable shoes, towels, and change of
clothes when it gets dirty on the day.
* If you are prone to get sick, take a sickness stop 30 minutes
before boarding.
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