★English OK! 3 Days in Korea Busan by Camellia Line!! ★カメリアラインで行く釜山3日間15,000円~


★3 days in Busan by Camellia Line Special price 15,000 yen ~★

特別価格お1人様 15,000
■旅行代金 (2名1室1名の料金)
A: 6/13,20,27,7/4,11,18,9/5,12,19発……15,000円
B: 6,7,8,9月の月,火,水,木,土発……………  18,500円
特別日:7/15, 8/112,14, 9/16,26,27…… 22,000円
■Departures every day except Sundays from June ~ September 27
〈Ship & hotel set product with a very popular relaxing experience〉
Special price 15,000 yen per person ~
■Travel fee (2 people per room 1 person)
A: 6/13,20,27,7/4,11,18,9/5,12,19………………………………JPY 15,000
B: Monday, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat in June,July,…………………… JPY 18,500
    Monday, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat in August and September…. JPY 18,500
Special Dates: 7/15, 8/112,14, 9/16,26,27………………………  JPY 22,000


●1等船室 1,000円でグレードアップ!    ●2等船室
●If you wish to have a 1st class private room on the ship: One way
(1,000 yen per person will be added in the case of 1 room for 2 people)
●Hakata Port/Busan Port Terminal Fee, International Tourist Tax,
and Fuel Special Surcharge are required separately.
Kameria Line:博多と釜山を往復するフェリーで約6時間の船旅。
船内の展望風呂でくつろいだり、お食事を 楽しんだり、ゆっくりした旅が
Day 1:
Hakata departure 12:30 ~ Arrival in Busan 18:30 to a popular hotel
in Busan about 10 minutes on foot by yourself
1 night! Free after check-in.
Kameria Line: A 6-hour ferry ride between Hakata and Busan.
Relax in the observation bath on board, enjoy a meal, and have a slow trip.
You can enjoy it cheaply.
In Busan, you can enjoy your free time until the evening meeting time!
Enjoy your own trip to Busan!
After arriving at the hotel, explore the city of Busan on your own!
Please enjoy the night in Busan such as gourmet food and experiences!
Popular Busan Tourist Hotel Class Night
小食は各自で。出発まで自由行動 朝、ホテルに荷物を預けて、歩いて行ける
南浦洞地区のチャガルチ市場、 国際市塲を楽しみ、または地下鉄を利用して
Day 2:
Small meals are served by yourself. Free time until departure Leave
your luggage at the hotel in the morning and walk
Enjoy Jagalchi Market in Nampo-dong district, International Market
or take the subway Shopping and strolling on all sides!
From Gwangan, which is popular with young people, to Haeundae,
where the coastline is beautiful
Why don’t you take a step back and take a look? 
In the evening (around 6 p.m.), pick up your luggage left at the hotel
and go to the dock by yourself.
Complete the departure procedures by yourself (reception from 2 hours
before departure) and depart Busan Port at 20:00~Take the Camellia Line
to Japan~
1 night at Camellia Line “Hotel on the Sea (2nd class cabin)” 
* If you wish to have a private room, we recommend that you make
a reservation in advance.
Please rest tired in the observation bath on board! ~Overnight stay~
朝着7:30 博多港到着、入国手続き後解散。
Day 3:
Morning arrival 7:30 Arrive at Hakata Port, dismiss after immigration procedures.
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